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Complete Digital Offering

Complete Digital Offering by Web For Marketing

Complete Digital Offering

Search Engine Optimization

Custom Keyword Selection & Analysis
Keywords 50
Keywords (after every 6 months) 15 additional keywords every 6 months

Technical Onsite Optimization

Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
ALT Tags Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
Sitemap Generation
XML Sitemap Generation
Making URLs friendly
Proper Linking Structure
Right Keyword Density
Canonical Domain URL
Canonical htaccess 302
Canonical htaccess 400
Configure Robots.txt
Create 404 Error Page
Remove 404 Broken Links
Removal of Black Hat Techniques

Offsite Optimization

New 1-way Incoming Links (Variety) 150 per month
Other Websites 100
Blog Commenting Links 10
Social Media Profiles 10
Social Media Bookmarks 10
Classified Links 10
Image Sharing Links 10
New 1-way Incoming Links (after every 6 months) 25 additional per half yearly
Other Websites 10
Blog Commenting Links 5
Social Media Profiles 5
Social Media Bookmarks 5

Blogging (Content Marketing)

Blog setup on 1
Blog entries (100 words each) 2 per month

Article & Press Release Marketing

Article Writing 1 per month
Press Release Writing 1 per month
Article Submission 5 per month
Press Release Submission 5 per month

Local Marketing

Business Name, Address, Phone, URL, Desc
Local Directories Submissions 5 per month


Ranking Report Every 15 Days
Linking Report Monthly
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster
Articles Submission Report Monthly
Press Release Submission Report Monthly
Blogging Report Monthly
Local Marketing Report Monthly


Monthly $ 499
Quarterly (3 months) $ 1299
Half Yearly (6 months) $ 1999
Yearly (12 months) $ 3299
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